Online Safety Resources

Tips and Best Practices for Parents and Children.

online safety resources for parents

We have put together some essential Online Safety Resources for Parents and their children. ERASE Child Trafficking wants to help both parents and their kids learn how to combat online predators and stay safe on the internet. These online safety resources, guides, and tips are backed up by child advocates, law enforcement officers, researchers and parents. Read them, learn them, and implement them with your children. The internet is a great tool, but it can also be a dangerous tool used by predators, bullies, and traffickers to gain access to vulnerable young people. Fortunately, as their parents, you can become informed and do everything necessary to ensure their safety online.

No one ever wants to talk about these types of issues, but by speaking openly and learning about the many dangers online we can become more informed, more effective, and more equipped in the fight to erase online targeting and child trafficking.

You don't have to unplug!

We don’t advocate closing your families off from the internet. Our goal is to help parents and teens become more informed about how they can be safe during their time online. Just like you wouldn't ride a motorcycle without a helmet, you shouldn’t go online without the proper safety tools, resources, and precautions.

These Online Safety Resources are Backed by Professionals and Researchers

Many of these online safety resources are made specifically for children and teens. These resources are not meant to pander, oversimplify or talk down to teenagers and young people. They’re designed to give real, concrete advice on how to protect themselves on a regular basis. And that’s the most powerful tool they can have in the fight against online predators.

Internet Privacy and Safe Tips

Defeating Online Predators

Guarding Against Cyberbullying